Scientific instrumentation of the Laboratory comes in two kinds: world-class commercial research equipment and self-assembled devices. While the former ensures standard high quality measurements and synthesis techniques the latter enables unique approaches for observation of photoprocesses taking place at nanoscale.


A. Light sources

XBO Xenon short-arc lamp w/o reflector OSRAM XBO150 W/1OFR

HBO Mercury short-arc lamps w/o reflector OSRAM HBO100 W/2

Research Arc Lamp Source, 300 W Xenon Ozone Free, Aspheric Lens F/1 Newport 66485-300XF-R1

Xenon Flash Lamp Hamamatsu L7684 with Borosilicate Glass

Xenon Flash Lamp Hamamatsu L7685 with Sapphire Glass

Wavelength-Switchable LED Source Mightex WLS-22-A

Power/Energy meter Ophir Nova 7Z01500

B. Spectrometers

Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 650 UV/Vis

FT-IR Spectrometer ThermoFisher Scientific Nicolet iS 50

Spectrofluorometer Horiba Scientific FluoroMax Plus-P

C. Potentiostats/Galvanostats

Potentiostat/Galvanostat Elins P-50-Pro-3

D. Impedance meters

Impedance meter Elins Z-1500J

E. Optical tensiometers

Optical tensiometer Biolin scientific Theta Lite